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Hostname:Spring-Vale RPG
Ping (Beta):Testing...
Avg. Players:21.47
Peak Players:104
Peak Players (24h):45
Game Mode:SV RPG v4.6
Map:San Andreas
Server Version:0.3.7-R2
Last Update:12:31:08, 24/08/2017

userPlayers Online

0 Aimster 1670 232
1 Ziggi 20913 61
2 Sykes 14 57
3 Ferb 8009 180
4 Phoenix 8803 242
5 MrCapo 2756 112
7 Escape_Artist 0 83
8 Phineas 6167 164
9 PeKy 60 67
10 ArisMAD 168 73
11 Dark_Night 194 72
12 Dineshron 3520 216
13 TinTin 0 336
14 KRASTS 32 77
15 Boukil 13699 83
16 KenB 6897 376
17 netG 22 150
18 MADDOX 1 159
19 Corvo 11423 114
20 Ares 8926 371
21 Cross 18788 61

Spring-Vale RPG

Spring-Vale RPG is an RPG server scripted and created by Lightning. The script was built from scratch and contains many features and things to do. The server has been online since December 2009.

Main Features
- The server uses its own money system called ECash (dollars are not used).
- The aim of the server is to get a job and role play to earn money.
- There are over 20 different job with many unique features.
- There are over 60 different items to trade in game.
- The main Bank in LS or ATM's in SF & LV can be used to trade items, give ECash, store items, cash cheques & get pay day at 6:00 every day.
- New features are regularly added to the game.

- Jobs include Police Officer, FBI Agent, SWAT Force, Criminal, Hitman, Assassin, Public Service Driver, Pilot, Trucker, Medical Worker, Firefighter, Mineworker, Prostitute, Mechanic, Engineer, Journalist, Farmer, Dock Worker & more.
- Get elected as the Mayor or Godfather of Spring-Vale with a monthly voting system.
- Side-jobs include road sweeping, pizza delivery, mowing & trash collection.

- You can buy you own vehicle (car, plane, helicopter or boat).
- Share your vehicles keys with another player, accumulate mileage on your vehicle and get it repaired if it breaks down.
- Upgrade your vehicle with a cb radio, gps system, numberplate, police radio scanner or fuel economy improvments.
- Tuneable cars can have the mods & paintjobs added or removed via a custom mod workshop.
- Speedometer supports MPH & KPH.
- Full engine, boot, bonnet & light control
- You can listen to web radios while driving

- Buy your own house.
- Lock or unlock your house to other players.
- Choose to respawn at your house when you die.
- Park your vehicle outside your house.
- Store items in your house.
- Houses with multiple bedrooms can be shared with other players.

- Buy your own business.
- Choose its name & opening times.
- Generate income & upgrade security.
- Watch out for robbers & the Godfather's protection racket!

- Use one of your jobs allocated skins.
- Buy your own unique skin.
- Customize your skin with accessories such as hats, masks & sunglasses.

- You can create and manage your own server clan.
- Become a member of a clan and chat privately.
- Clan tags are automatically added to players who join a clan, you cannot create an account which contains a tag.
- Clans can buy headquarters & vehicles.
- Members can choose to respawn at their clan HQ.

- Shooting is lag compensated.
- Win money in the daily lottery.
- You can buy drinks, take drugs, learn new fighting styles, bet in the casino, increase your gun skills, use a variety of animations & much more.
- We have a dedicated admin team to help out the players and create fun events.
- A server anticheat protects the players from cheaters. We do not tolerate any cheating in the server.
- The server language is English.
- Our website contains statistics of in-game skins, houses, vehicles, businesses, clans, top players & more.
- Out of character chat & rp names are not used, be yourself, follow the rules and have fun!

More information on the server can be found on our website and forum.

You can chat and see the server echo on our IRC channel.
#sv-rpg on irc.springvalerpg.com (irc.tl network)

Getting Started
Information & help is available for new players.

In-Game Help
The entire game is documented through the /help command in game.
Use /@ to ask a question or for help from our admin team.
Use /tutorial to view the tutorials.

Help on our website:
New Player Guide
Help Forum


Thanks for reading this.
SV-RPG Owner

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