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Hostname:Black ~ Knights [] This server requires a password to join
Ping (Beta):Testing...
Avg. Players:0.21
Peak Players:20
Peak Players (24h):1
Game Mode:Freeroam/Stunt
Map:San Fierro
Server Version:0.3.7-R2
Last Update:04:41:07, 18/07/2018

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Hostname: (.?.? Stunt/Freeroam Forever ?.?.)
Mode: Stunt/DM/Freeroam
Language: English. (however, you can speak the language you want.)
Forum Adress:

Welcome to Stunt/Freeroam Forever. We use an edited version of FunGaming gamemode (which I edited myself) and it is more improved. However, there are still some bugs which might I haven't found yet. If you do, make sure to report them on the forum. Invite your friends so we can all have fun together!! When we get a better playerbase we might do events, so you can have fun! Enjoy your stay with us!

? Moneybag System
? Checkpoint System (if you find this checkpoint, you'll get a reward. )
? Race System.
? Reaction Contest.
? Speedometer in Label.
? Deathmatches.
? Random Spawns.
? Choose Spawn Locations. (/setspawn)
? Random Messages.
? Animation System.
? Hide System.
? Anti-Ban Evade System.
? Math Test System.
? Parkour System.
? Gungame and Duel System.
? Many more things to be discovered!

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