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Hostname:Argonath RPG
Ping (Beta):Testing...
Avg. Players:23.90
Peak Players:135
Peak Players (24h):50
Game Mode:Rock Stars 5.2.007
Map:San Andreas
Server Version:0.3.7-R2
Last Update:02:15:06, 25/06/2017

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A multiplayer gaming community based around roleplay, operating since 2006!

Argonath RPG - A World Of It's Own
Our Argonath RPG SA:MP server offers you the player with a refined take on the roleplay server genre. We have existed using the same foundations for over eight years, adapting them to keep with the times. Our goals are to provide you, the player a welcoming roleplay atmosphere which consists of a high standard class of players who pride themselves the way they are viewed. Our quality staff members are always on hand to provide the assistance and help when required, on-top of this we also utilize a help chat that players may use in the absence or when staff are busy this will enable the server population to easily answer any questions you may have.

Our in development game-mode dubbed Rockstars 5.1 is taken care of by a team of skilled developers who aim to take ideas from you and bring them to life. You will find that we possess features that no other servers have even thought of or tried. If you are looking for a unique experience then our community is the one for you.

What if you could be who you want to be? it is possible, we offer you the following:
  • Registration Process
    All new accounts can be created directly from in-game, we do not utilize a panel with a lengthy application process.
    We offer a optional two-step authentication security measure to make sure all accounts are secure. This all done via the Google Authenticator App.
  • World Of Opportunities
    Start your life off at Los Santos International. Become whoever you wish to be.
    Various scripted roles are available for you to try out and earn a quick buck.
    Stay in town for a week then make yourself official by acquiring a Passport and a Drivers license. Both cost free.
    Interact with the various factions that control the streets or take on the role of a Law Enforcement Officer.
  • Script Features
    The most basic of roleplay commands.
    A highly complex business and a item storage system. Make cash from your own business, maybe even store those narcotics inside your vehicle.
    Property Ownership. Ever wanted to own a house in the Vinewood hills? You can.
    Criminal Activities. Employ the use of "Bain" a underworld contact who can help setup heists and other various jobs.
    And there's more ...

The Team
  • Devin - Server Leader
  • Cyril - Server Leader
  • Teddy - Script Developer
  • Marcel - Script Developer
  • Mikro - Script Developer

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