Sorry, but this server has been blacklisted due to an outstanding issue. The issue may be one or more of, but is not limited to those mentioned below:

  • One or more of the server's staff purposefully attempted to abuse, disable, or attack a part of this service.
  • The server broke SA-MP's terms of service, or another related services agreement.
  • One of the server's variables such as name or game mode was considered offensive or demeaning to another party.
  • The server is hosted or supported by someone who broke one of these terms.
  • Someone related to the server refused to rectify an issue brought up by one of our staff.
  • The server was considered dangerous or offensive or harmful to the community in some way.
  • The server attracted attacks or caused downtime to one or more of our services.
  • The server was deemed to be a "fake" or "copy" of another server.

You are seeing this page because we have made all reasonable attempts to contact the appropriate person(s) to solve one of the issues mentioned above, and were unable to come to an agreement. This server page will continue to function when all conflicts have been resolved, we are sorry for any inconvenience.

If you hold authority on this server and you wish to know more, you can email [email protected]