San Andreas Cops And Robbers

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Hostname:San Andreas Cops And Robbers
Ping (Beta):Testing...
Avg. Players:49.35
Peak Players:256
Peak Players (24h):116
Game Mode:Cops And Robbers
Map:San Andreas
Server Version:0.3z-R4
Time:Thursday 18:50, Week 2
Last Update:22:30:10, 25/10/2014
Hosted by:SACNR

userPlayers Online

7 nOthinG 6496 231
8 Chick_Norris 14156 113
9 steauabuc -27 231
10 _Dany_ 8552 205
11 Tadi14 4133 215
12 John_Lennon 4454 221
13 Jeremus 872 230
14 SyStem 653 227
15 ThE.DoN.Star 3535 351
16 Arty 311 107
17 Lazar99 226 266
18 dem_boyz 356 165
23 ML2000 7101 267
24 [WH]McH 2387 251
25 booyakasHa 4200 233
26 STOOKI 4 218
29 Nailor 1 277
30 Mare70 7148 233
32 GamerulRoman 0 231
34 [KTB]Adbul_Popper 1554 215

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For Cops

Our police system is fully co-operative, with bonuses based on the severity of the criminals' crimes, arrest/takedown assists, and bonuses for players who quit or kill themselves after you've been chasing them for a while.

As a police officer, you also get daily pay based on how many arrests, takedowns, and tickets you have on your stats.

Police officers get tazers, free weapons, health, armour, and police vehicles, available at any police station.

For Robbers

Robbers can rob other players, businesses, fast food stores, houses and banks.

Robbers have lots of missions available to them, such as bus driving, taxi driving, pilot missions, truck+trailer missions, and more.

For Everyone

Be a cop or a robber in Los Santos, San Fierro, or Las Venturas. You can select which city you would like to spawn in.

Get between and around each city with SACNR's public transport system! Inter-city trains and planes take you clockwise and counter-clockwise around the map respectively, and buses can take you around each city.

We have an active community with weekly updates behind the scenes.

You can buy houses and store money, drugs in them. And if you park outside your house and then enter your house and quit, you will respawn in your house with your car outside.

Businesses can be bought to gain some extra profit. You can sell items at your business, and store lots of money in them. They can also be robbed, so be careful!

Other Services

We have a detailed help section in multiple languages, including English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

SACNR offers a free server monitoring service for all servers at

We have an official Teamspeak server, the IP and port:

We have an IRC echo channel at #sacnr.echo, take a look to get an idea of what goes on in-game.

You can buy and sell houses and businesses and anything else you like at our market

Fantastic website with the latest news published, with live webstats including business and house maps.

So come check us out at! See you there!

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