API Introduction

SACNR monitor's API allows developers to write applications to retrieve the server data we have collected directly from our database.

Announce API (BETA)

If you are having trouble getting your server on the internet list but you still want it to show up on SACNR Monitor, you can do this by installing the SACNR Monitor Announce Filterscript - just follow the steps below.

  1. Download the filterscript here and save as "announce.pwn"
  2. Compile the .pwn file using PAWNO, and it will create an "announce.amx" file
  3. Copy/paste "announce.amx" into your "filterscripts" folder
  4. Add "announce" to the filterscripts line in your server.cfg

If you need help, you can post a topic on the SACNR Monitor Forums.

Server Query API


Supports cURL or file_get_contents.

Last updated 25th Nov @ 1:43 AM


Usage Examples

Retrieve server info by ID

Public functions

get_info_by_id(int $server_id)
get_players_by_id(int $server_id)
get_query_by_id(int $server_id)
get_ad_by_id(int $server_id)
get_info_by_ip(string $ip, int $port)
get_players_by_ip(string $ip, int $port)
get_query_by_ip(string $ip, int $port)
get_ad_by_ip(string $ip, int $port)

Can't find the right connector?

If there is no pre-made connector for the language you are using or you just want to experiment, see our advanced page.