What is SACNR Monitor?

SACNR Monitor is a SA-MP server monitor. It tracks the activity of SA-MP servers, and is a great replacement for "Game-Monitor".

What is SACNR?

SACNR is short for San Andreas Cops And Robbers. SACNR created this website, and now hosts it without ads, for free. The "SACNR" in the name is just a little bit of advertising for us, because we don't get anything else out of hosting this.

How often is my server queried?

SACNR queries every SA-MP server once every 15 minutes. We only show half-hourly queries on the graphs, however we use all the query results for working out average players, and current players online. You can use the API to retrieve all our query data if you want to use it to make your own graphs.

Why isn't my server on SACNR Monitor?

Make sure your server is in SA-MP's internet or hosted list. Check that you have announce=1 in your server.cfg.

Some servers in the server lists are green, what does this mean?

This simply means that the owner of the server has purchased a hosted tab listing. Visit www.game-mp.com to purchase a hosted tab listing for your SA-MP server.